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Strategic Advanced Leadership Summit (S.A.L.T)

What is SALT ?

is an international leadership training and development course for leaders in the secular world and Christian leaders and Pastors in order to equip them for effective service in their area of endeavor and the body of Christ as a whole. Christian business men who also yearn for SPIRITUAL ADVANCEMENT in order to affect their business world and mutual surrounding by enormous spiritual influence are also eligible to go through this training program.

You have to understand that ministry without training will go to the wings. We believe that if you are not TRAINED in life you will STRAINED. Education of the saints on the path of their spiritual lives is a very crucial subject to handle. One must first know that before God passes us on from “eternity” to “time”, we are well prepared and toughened for a mission and assignment from eternity. We carry undeniable warrants from heaven to execute divine assignments. The earth therefore becomes a strange place to us because we do not belong here. As eternal entities being transferred from eternity to time, to perform our responsibilities, we need some sort of brush up training as to how to adjust our eternal features to the demands of time and how to fulfill our destinies and aims without being contaminated or misled by the values of this world. S.A.L.T helps us to keep our eternal nature and features as originally sharpened weapons for God. Your birth into this world is evidence that it’s your turn to contribute your quota. But many of us to day has piled a lot from the multiple routines of this worlds value system that has really buried our eternal calling and assignment with which we originally migrated to this earth.Divine assignments differ in nature from one human soul to the other. Salt therefore assesses every individual’s eternal job descriptions and carves a training that empties you of all the world has made you to be and sets you in eternal motion.

Meet Our CEO


Apostle Emmanuel Nkum

Ceo Of S.A.L.T

What S.A.L.T Members Say!


This is the best Leadership Restaurant in the world S.A.L.T Training is the best place to feed your inner spirit and increase your mental capacity in Leadership Skills.


Prophet Abraham Halidu - GHANA

Best Leadership Conference I have attended alot of training conferences on Leadership but only a few has impacted my life greatly, and S.A.L.T leads the few that have!.


Michael Brookman - USA

I love S.A.L.T Leadership Training This conference Totally changed my mindset about Leadership, This training brainwashed me positively and changed my thinking of being a fellower i wasn't to a Leader i was ordained to me, Don't Miss any upcoming event on S.A.L.T it will help you.


Edwin Scott-Smith - United Kingdom